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Our process:

Below, we’ve outlined the process that we go through to place artists on a production:

If a job comes in that we would like to suggest you for, we will first send you an availability enquiry through the site. This is not a confirmation of work, even if it seems like a very last-minute request

  • We request your full day and evening availability for each job, because overtime often occurs on shoots. There is generally a rate agreement for this, less often on commercials however.

  • Once selections have been made by the director, we will then either send you a 'Confirmed' or 'Released' email. Occasionally, you will be put 'on pencil'. This means that the production still need to confirm either the final performers, shoot date etc.

  • On the day prior to the fitting or shoot date, we will send you a 'check-in' email, which you must respond to. This is a reminder of all the details for the next day.

  • Be aware that some of these emails have a time limit by which we need a response.

How can I increase my chances of getting work?

The best way of increasing your chances of getting work is to make sure your profile is complete and up to date. Agents and agencies search for artists via the criteria you fill out on your profile so the more your profile is up to date with information the more likely you will match a brief they are working on. If you don’t fill in your profile with all the relevant information you could be missing out on potential work. Photos of instruments are really useful, as are photos of hands for pianists and violinists in particular.

However please make sure the information is accurate. If you own uniforms (police, military, etc.) or evening wear, or if you have a dog or car you may want to upload photos of them under the appropriate category so that the bookers can see them straight away.

I have not had much work recently, why is this?

This is a seasonal business with the first part of the year normally being quiet. Agents and agencies using POP technology have no control over the briefs coming in, nor do they have the final say in who is selected. The nature of the business is such that you will be rejected with no explanation, if this is a problem you may decide this work is not for you. Please don't contact us to let us know that you are available, make sure to update your online calendar instead.

I have responded to an availability enquiry but heard nothing back?

If you respond to an availability enquiry correctly via the link and before the cut-off time, you will always receive an automatic confirmation email to let you know we have received your response. If you do not receive the confirmation it means your response was not registered or you tried to respond after the cut-off time.

If we do not receive a response, you will normally not be contacted again regarding this job. We would generally only contact artists who have responded as available.

If you have responded as available for a job there are functionalities in place on the POP platform to encourage and remind agents and agencies to always either confirm or release you from the job as soon as they hear back from production. We will always try to let the artists know as soon as possible the status of the job, but this can often be as late as the evening before the shoot day.

If you are waiting to hear from us on a confirmation or release please be patient. If you have a question or query about your confirmation or release you will need to contact Classical Vision rather than We Got Pop.

My availability enquiry has timed out. What can I do?

All agents using the POP platform will try to give artists as much time as possible to respond to availability enquiries. However, due to the nature of the industry the turn around time is sometimes very short. Tight cut-offs are only set if production require the available options without delay. If you have missed the cut-off time and are unable to respond it is likely that the options have already been sent to production and unfortunately the opportunity for you to be put forward has been missed. If a tight cut-off time is set Classical Vision will contact you via text and email. We do appreciate that when there is a tight turn around, some people who would have been available will not be able to respond; this will have no bearing on your standing with the platform.