On set

On a shoot day, here are some things to bear in mind:

Be prepared for a long day. On some sets, you will be allowed to keep your phone with you, or a book, but always ask first. You will not be allowed to take photos whilst on set, and do not share any details of the work you are doing, especially through social media.

  • At the end of. the day, you will either have to sign a 'chit' (salary voucher) to confirm your wrap time. If you are in any doubt about the time you have wrapped, please query it at this stage, as it is not possible for Classical Vision to question production at a later date.

  • It is our policy to always check whether you are to be recorded or not on set, as you would need to be paid at a different rate if so. However, if you find yourself being asked to do anything that you don't feel was part of the brief, please make the 2nd AD aware, or contact Classical Vision.