In order for us to pay you, you will need to have filled out your bank details on the site, and have uploaded your passport. We do not accept personal invoices, as We Got Pop takes care of our invoicing and payment. We try to pay all outstanding amounts within the standard 30 days stipulated by the Musicians' Union.

Do not give out personal bank account details to a production.

How am I taxed as a background artist?

When you work as a background artist you are working as a self-employed entertainer and it is your responsibility to register with HMRC and declare your earnings correctly. You should be able to deduct any commission, administration fee and VAT as business expenses when arriving at your net earnings that you will be subject to income tax and National Insurance contributions on. Please take professional advice on your personal tax situation as we can not offer any tax advice.

How do payments work?

Following your day on set, the following steps take place to pay you for the work you have done:

  • The production company will send us either the completed salary vouchers ("chits") or a report confirming the work completed by all artists on set, and this information is entered into our back office system.

  • You will most of the time be given an opportunity to review the details received from the production company through our job review process to catch any mistakes or omissions.

  • After the review is complete, the agent will invoice the production company for the earnings of all artists on set, this generally happens on a weekly basis for each project.

  • Our back office will regularly monitor production companies for payments against agreed time scales on all agents' and agencies outstanding invoices.

  • The production company will settle the invoice including your payment in to our client account (a designated trust account only used for artist monies).

  • On a weekly basis, we process payroll paying out all cleared funds in the client account, minus any relevant commission, administration fee and any taxes that is legally obliged to be collected.

  • You receive payment directly in to your bank account within a few days.

Our target is that this process is completed within 4 weeks for all projects, but due factors outside of our or the agent's and agencies control (including how long it takes to receive the salary vouchers and payments from production companies) we ask artists to allow 8 weeks for payments to arrive. If there is a delay beyond that, our back office will keep you informed.

What happens if I miss a job review deadline?

After the deadline for the job review, POP's back office invoice for the work that you have done on behalf of the artists and the agent / agency that booked you. Please rest assured that we will still invoice for your work, even if you are not able to access the job review and approve it before the deadline. Once the invoice has been raised, you will be able to see in your artist diary the final amount that has been invoiced for.

When will I get paid for the work I have done?

Please check your artist diary page for the most up to date information about which stage payments to you have reached.

The time it takes to get paid is mainly determined by how quickly the production company sends your payment to us, our target for all projects is to have money in your account 4 weeks from the day on set. Please make sure that you have supplied us with your correct and up to date bank details via your secure online profile as otherwise we are unable to make payments to you.

Our back office has credit control processes in place, but occasionally there will be a delay in a production company making payments to us and in those cases payments can take longer than 8 weeks to reach you. We will keep you informed of any delays as soon as we become aware of them. We will also do everything in our power to chase production companies for your money, but we cannot make payment to you until cleared funds have been received (nor do we or the agent / agency receive any fees until funds have been collected from the production company).

Why is one of my days missing from the job review?

Often you will be sent only some of the days you have worked on a particular project at a time. This is most likely because we have not yet received the relevant details for those other days of work. In some cases, that might also mean that you receive a later date before an earlier date. All the dates you have worked are recorded in your artist diary, so you can verify that we know about all the days you worked.

How do I sign an agreement via DocuSign?

If a production you are booked for are using POP's Chitless technology, you may be asked to electronically sign your artist release form (NDA) prior to going on set via Docusign. POP have partnered with Docusign so agents / agencies can offer pre electronic contracting to those productions using Chitless technology.

  • You will receive an email from Docusign. Start by clicking 'Review the document' at the top of the email you received via DocuSign. You will be taken to the online portal where you can accept the agreement.

  • To start, first accept the terms of electronic signing (top left) and click 'Continue'.

  • Click the 'Start' tab on the left hand side of the document and this will take you to the first required piece of information.

  • The first 'Initials' box will require you to either draw your signature or adopt the signature/initials created automatically.

  • Click the ‘Next’ tab on the left had side to move onto the next piece of required information.

  • Click the 'Finish' button. If you have any problems with the process reply to this email.

How does chitless payment work? (How do I get paid without a chit?)

POP technology offers a chitless payment process. On certain projects cast via POP Technology you will be signed in and wrapped out directly via the platform and will not receive a paper chit. Instead all payment information will be recorded on the diary page of your profile. By having a completely online process this means that POP are able to pay our artists faster and save the trees!

Prior to your fitting or shoot day, you may be sent an online digital contract to your email. (For further information please see FAQ 'How do I sign an agreement via DocuSign) It is necessary to read and sign this contract before going on set.

On the day, you will need to sign in and wrap out with an AD so that your shoot time can be accurately logged on your profile. Any supplementary fees can also be flagged at the end of the day with the AD.

All shoot day and payment information will be imported directly and accurately on to your profile ready for you to view on your diary page on sign in. You will have visibility of provisional figures during your work day, and on wrap these figures will be updated with any overtime or supplementary fees incurred. Please be sure to flag with the AD then and there if you believe there is an indescrepencies with your total due.

Further more you will receive a job review following your work day with a full breakdown of your remittance so that you can check your payment is correct and have the chance to flag any queries prior to an invoice being raised. If you wish to have a hard copy of you earnings you can download remittance as a PDF from the diary page on your profile and print this for your records.