Placement Process

 This is the process that we go through to place artists on a production:

If a job comes in that we would like to suggest you for, we will first send you an availability enquiry through the site. This is not a confirmation of work, even if it seems like a very last-minute request

  • We request your full day and evening availability for each job, because overtime often occurs on shoots. There is generally a rate agreement for this, less often on commercials however.

  • Once selections have been made by the director, we will then either send you a 'Confirmed' or 'Released' email. Occasionally, you will be put 'on pencil'. This means that the production still need to confirm either the final performers, shoot date etc.

  • On the day prior to the fitting or shoot date, we will send you a 'check-in' email, which you must respond to. This is a reminder of all the details for the next day.

  • Be aware that some of these emails have a time limit by which we need a response.